Overview of SCRAM Products

Our SCRAM products have been providing innovative and forward thinking hardware and software solutions to the criminal justice market since 1997.

Like all of society, crime is in a constant state of evolution and an agile and adaptive approach is necessary to facilitate effective rehabilitation in a changing and increasingly technologically led society.

That’s why we pride ourselves on offering a huge range of products that bring technological mastery to the restless pursuit of justice. These products have been devised in close collaboration with courts, law enforcement agencies and offenders to deliver effective rehabilitation. Despite their technical wizardry, our products are hard wearing and intuitive to use, ensuring that you get the maximum return on your investment both now and for years to come.


The SCRAM CAM (Continuous Alcohol Monitoring) system is designed to assist those with a history of alcohol related offenses take accountability for their sobriety and has to-date monitored over 600,000 individuals in the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and the Netherlands.
The SCRAM CAM (Continuous Alcohol Monitoring) system is designed to assist those with a history of alcohol related offenses take accountability for their sobriety and has to-date monitored over 600,000 individuals in the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and the Netherlands.

A Brand New Product


The Stingray GPS Wrist Monitor may well revolutionize house arrest technology. It is all housed within a discreet, wrist mounted device looks a lot more like a Fitbit than an electronic tag. This is for the wearer’s discretion and dignity, providing a constant reminder of their responsibilities while also affording them a modicum of normalcy as they begin this important next step in their life and rehabilitation. Beneath its unobtrusive exterior is cutting edge array of technologies that work in conjunction with the companion E-Cell House Arrest App.

STINGRAY GPS Ankle Monitors

State of the art GPS analytics

Those who work in the probation service know that sometimes GPS monitoring of offenders can be something of a ‘needle in a haystack’ affair. The average monitored offender will generate around 1,500 GPS location points every single day. This creates a mountain of data for probation officers to sift through. How can they identify whether the monitored party’s movements are completely innocuous and represent them trying to lead a better, cleaner life, or whether they are cause for concern and evidence that they are lapsing into old habits or fraternizing with people who can lead them away from the path to rehabilitation?

Probation officers need to identify issues that they need to address quickly and conclusively. That’s why our products use SCRAM GPS Analytics which are designed to be quick and easy to interpret. This can help officers spend less time sorting through their data so that they can focus on tasks that are more deserving of their attention and give their clients the support that they need.

The unique companion software tools can transform up to a month of individual GPS points into an easy-to-view infographic, allowing officers to make sense of offender movements and quickly identify any worrying trends or potential problems.

Unique tamper-proofing technology

When it comes to offender monitoring, there’s no room for shades of grey. The trouble is that the vast majority of ankle monitors on the market are prone to intermittent strap disruptions. They could mean that an offender is trying to sabotage their device… Or it could simply mean that they’re struggling to get that an offender is struggling to get their socks on. What makes SCRAM’s GPS ankle monitors unique is their two-state straps. They are either open or close, there’s no in-between. An OPEN alert means an OPEN strap. There’s no need to waiting and see, to second guess, or harbour any doubt.
The strap design is specifically designed to prevent the movements and fluctuations that can cause false alerts. Best of all, with SCRAM GPS, the detection of removal is virtually instantaneous. Thus, wait times, grace periods and confusion are completely eliminated.

Google Maps for powerful and precise monitoring

SCRAM GPS’ monitoring software has both Google Maps and Google Info windows built in for precise and unambiguous mapping. This means that officers can quickly and effectively identify an offender’s exact location which can go a long way towards putting their movements into context and separating quotidian movements like grocery shopping from potential red flags. What’s more, the system’s on-demand Pursuit Mode automatically generates a near real-time transmission rate in the event of a violation to aid in expedient apprehension.

Industry leading battery life

Overworked parole officers have enough on their plate without oppressive GPS caseloads. One of the most common and frankly irritating alert is the kind associated with low batteries. Low battery alerts are common and frustrating, and when low batteries are allowed to become dead batteries, offenders go unmonitored in their communities. Even a short period of unmonitored activity could be enough to facilitate a relapse.

That’s why SCRAM Systems have designed a new generation of GPS solutions with the longest lasting battery in the entire industry. Even on the most aggressive of tracking plans, SCRAM GPS provides more than 2 whole days of battery life. This can reduce those annoying low battery alerts by up to 50% when compared to other GPS devices on the market. While the industry average battery life is around 36 hours, SCRAM systems offer an impressive 50 hours. This can lead to much more effective time management for probation service professionals and greater independence and accountability for rehabilitating offenders.

But don’t take our word for it. Take a look at the variety of case studies on the SCRAM Systems website. We think you’ll find that our impressive range of GPS monitoring solutions can give you and your clients superior service whatever your budget.

SCRAM Remote Breath

Sobriety tagging

Our U.K. programmes currently use SCRAM Systems’ flagship alcohol monitoring technology, the SCRAM CAM sobriety tags. These have been used to monitor almost half a million participants and have been at the centre of over 2 billion alcohol tests. These tags are considered to be the world’s most widely used transdermal testing system, providing swift and infallible evidence of alcohol consumption.

These tags have been proven to aid user engagement and rehabilitation while actively contributing to a reduction in alcohol-related crime. In 2014 Blackburn & Darwen local council introduced a voluntary alcohol tagging programme to address alcohol-related crimes. The resulting pilot was the first of its kind ever implemented in the UK and has since benefitted a huge variety of cohorts, ranging from repeat alcohol dependent service users to domestic abuse and family law cases.

Facilitating longer periods of sobriety

The key to sobriety lies in consistency, which is why our SCRAM products are designed to enforce sober days rather than sober moments. The technologically driven solutions are designed to ensure 24 hour periods within which no alcohol has been consumed and where no efforts have been made to sabotage or sidestep testing. This puts the onus on the offender to present evidence-based confirmation of their sobriety by submitting to regular automatic testing. The results speak for themselves. Every day, 99.3% of all SCRAM CAM participants are completely sober and compliant.

STINGRAY GPS Wrist Monitor

 The Stingray GPS Wrist Monitor tracks and records the movements of low-risk, non-violent offenders to provide accountability and support for offenders while making life a whole lot easier for probation service employees. The app utilizes a host of advanced features that make it a cut above its contemporaries on the market such as;

Customizable solutions to suit you

Different agencies have different needs in terms of the information they want to collect from their offender monitoring devices. That’s why the Stingray’s innovative technologies can be used to record the information that you value the most from simple movements around the home to blood pressure and heart rates.

Seamless integration with the E-Cell Alcohol Monitoring Program

When dealing with offenders with a history of alcohol-related misdemeanours, their ability to abstain from alcohol is a key aspect of their rehabilitation. That’s why the Stingray GPS Wrist Monitor can be used in conjunction with the E-Cell Alcohol Monitoring Program (AMP); a state of the art portable breathalyzer that connects to the app via bluetooth to the companion app to ensure 24 hour sobriety.

Biometric identification

We understand that even the most repentant offender can be tempted to try and circumvent check-in, which is why the Stingray GPS Monitor uses a range of biometric identification techniques to facilitate a foolproof check-in. Check-in can be facilitated with state of the art voice recognition, thumbprint recognition, facial recognition or a combination of all 3 to ensure that check-in is legitimate.

Dynamic check-ins

Check in with your clients in the way that’s most convenient for you. The monitor offers voice, photo and video check-ins depending on your preference.

Real-time GPS tracking

It only takes a moment for a violation to occur and when it does, you need to act swiftly and decisively. That’s why the solution brings you state of the art real-time GPS tracking to ensure that you know where your clients are moment-to-moment. Geo-fencing parameters can be set to whatever distance you desire to ensure that violations are quickly and decisively logged.

Secure records management

Needless to say, your client data is extremely sensitive information. For your peace of mind, and theirs this solution offers digital data storage and record management with industry leading security that is readily accessible to case workers and monitoring agencies and completely impregnable for anyone else. 

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