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Felicity Hardy fights crime as The Scarlet Spider. [23] Greenberg recalls that "Budiansky was mired in indecision, and it was hurting the entire line. Finally and fatefully, Budiansky made a decision, possibly the only one that readers would accept: Peter Parker would remain Spider-Man. Act 2 in the Books Ben leaves the city, but says he will return from time to time. It brought back Norman Osborn, the original Green Goblin, and elevated him to the status of Spider-Man's #1 enemy. As of December 2013, five volumes (collecting between 12 and 19 issues each) have been released. Ben Reilly was established as an African-American lab assistant with no personal ties to Peter, although in the "Carnage" story-arc, Reilly refers to the Carnage creature as "Little Ben". Obi-Wan is captured, Anakin and Padme attempt a rescue but to no avail. "[20] To provoke new interest from the readers, the storyline "Return of Kaine" introduced a skeleton that was discovered in the original clone saga lab wearing a Spider-Man suit; however, none of the writers or editorial staff had a theory of what the skeleton's significance was. In 1994, the staff responsible for the Spider-Man titles began planning for the 400th issue of The Amazing Spider-Man. Attack of the Clones – 22 BBY. Upon waking to find that she has been injected with OZ, MJ is enraged, and her anger triggers a transformation into a large, red monster called the Demogoblin. At some point Ralph talked to Joe Quesada, and I got a phone call from Ralph [Macchio] asking if I wanted to do a mini-series showing a version that was truer to what the writers originally imagined. The next few issues (SSM 0, ASM 407, SM 64, TSS 230, SMU 11 (January 1996)) showed Reilly convincing people that despite the costume and attitude change, he was the genuine Spidey, which was actually a lie. Although centered on Kaine, who was still alive, The Return of Kaine (TSS 231 (February 1996); SSM 2, ASM 409, SM 66 (March 1996)) introduced another Spider-Clone. Osborn said Peter was the original—having faked the evidence that revealed Peter's status as the clone as part of a plan to break Peter's spirit—a claim that was confirmed when Ben died saving Peter's life and his body degenerated like any other clone's. SUMMARY: In Amazing Spider-Man #149, Ben Reilly makes his first appearance as a "clone" of Peter Parker/Spider … He left the job of Spider-Man to Reilly. [19], In the story "Return of Spider-Man", opening in the newest series Sensational Spider-Man #0, Ben finds a new Spider-Man suit and develops a life of his own. Not only did the staff still have to find a way to end the Clone Saga, they would have to undermine, even contradict, much of the groundwork they had already laid for it. Issue #44 saw Peter telling May about her Uncle Ben, but not that he was a clone. SM 69 (June 1996) served as an aftermath to Blood Brothers, where Reilly was cleared for burning down his current place of employment, the Daily Grind; Gaunt severed ties with the Hobgoblin, who was taken down by Reilly and finally arrested for murdering Need Leeds years earlier, among other crimes; and Parker was injured. SMU 12 (May 1996), which chronologically took place after Blood Brothers and its aftermath, got rid of the skeleton that had hastily been thrown into the Saga. Clone stories in the interim between the Clone Sagas, Learn how and when to remove this template message. It roughly followed the idea proposed in Jurgens' memo, but added in the revelation that the mastermind behind the saga was Harry Osborn. Matt Adler talks THE CLONE SAGA with Howard Mackie! Lucasfilm presents the official sequential order for the beloved animated series, including all episodes and the original feature film. DeMatteis, and part written by Todd DeZago and Howard Mackie, Jackal gave readers doubt and suspicion by stating that Peter was the clone, followed by a reverse statement, and then assessing them as both being clones of an original; because of this, the story was considered convoluted. The event would have three acts: Reilly and Parker learn that they switched lives five years ago, i.e. Tom and I remember certain story points differently. It was kind of like what I had already done with Thor and Thunderstrike—two very different titles based on a single concept. [7] Many years after that in Scarlet Spider Unlimited #1, this story arc was molded to fit into the New Clone Saga. Back at OsCorp, Harry is restrained by Ben, so he activates his glider to impale Peter from behind. A new Clone Saga began in the pages of Amazing Spider-Girl. At the end of SM 70 (July 1996), Peter's injuries took a toll for the worse, and he fell into a brief coma. It got a little out of hand, to put it mildly... the memos really started coming in at this point, fast and furious... and I've still got every single one of them, in one big, thick, hernia-inducing file. Peter temporarily retired as Spider-Man, leaving the mantle of Spider-Man to Ben while he prepared for his new role as a father after the discovery that Mary Jane was pregnant; Peter even lost his powers for a time during his 'retirement', although they eventually came back after a near-death experience. He is put in a sanitarium. Remember that Kavanagh and DeMatteis were responsible for the Clone Saga in the first place. Ben would get the chance to establish himself as Spider-Man and move forward. Series co-creator Howard Mackie described how this project was born: "Somewhere along the line I discovered a notebook which contained the original notes from the very first meeting at which the clone story was discussed. In this version, Bendis wrote a story in which the Scorpion is captured and revealed to be Peter's clone, sharing 94.2% of Peter Parker's DNA (issues 97, 98). He adopts the identity of the Scarlet Spider and works at the Daily Grind. SMU 7 (November 1994) served as a brief interlude between the Exile Returns and Back from the Edge stories. However, they are saved by the Jedi and the Clone army. In SMU 8 (February 1995), everyone found out that Doctor Octopus had mysteriously been murdered, while the Funeral for an Octopus limited series (March - May 1995) involved his funeral, and both Spider-Man and the Scarlet Spider taking on the Sinister Six, each not knowing that the other was involved. The other writers felt almost as frustrated. He was sure about one thing: the mastermind could never be Norman Osborn. Parker and Reilly stopped his plan, and Warren fell to his death trying to save the Gwen's clone. In the summer of 1973, writer Gerry Conway made the decision to kill off the girlfriend of Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy, in The Amazing Spider-Man #121 because the editorial team felt that Gwen had become stale as a character and they wanted to instill an additional element of tragedy into Peter Parker's life. Unless the Jackal had just implanted that command in him when he had kidnapped him at some earlier point.. but nah, Parker clearly was the clone. The editor in chief was Tom DeFalco. Kaine tells Norman he feels that May is his family in addition to Ben, Peter, Mary Jane, and the elder May, and she should not be held accountable for the sins of her father. It was decided that it would be best if only two writers collaborated on this mini-series. But to be honest, a character like Traveller didn't really fit into Spider-Man's world. The Web of Life crossover (WOS 120, SM 54 (January 1995); WOS 121, SM 55 (February 1995)) showed Reilly settling into his new/old life, and encountering Betty Brant and J. Jonah Jameson. Count Dooku, a former Jedi and Qui-Gon's master, is the culprit who hired Jango Fett. The staff still faced a huge problem: how to finish off the Clone Saga in a plausible way. In the Ultimate Spider-Man continuity, the character Miles Warren was first introduced as Harry Osborn's psychiatrist who was hired by Norman Osborn to brainwash out any memories of his Goblin persona. the Green Goblin, who had returned from the dead and had been secretly masterminding the entire saga. Harry deploys a Goblin signal outside the building (OsCorp), which attracts Peter, who is still searching for his daughter. He consulted Daredevil, who had his own troubles with his secret identity, and then got poisoned by the Vulture. A fight between the clones and Dr. Octopus leaves the Tarantula and Kaine apparently dead, and Doctor Octopus captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. A new Green Goblin rescued Gwen, but when she fell off the bridge, Parker rescued her. Harras replaced Budiansky with Ralph Macchio as editor, who declared that Norman Osborn would be the master planner of the cloning. Spider-Man: The Lost Years (August-October 1995), a three-part miniseries, began to fill out Reilly's and Kaine's backstories. [22], At this time, Greenberg recalled, the plan for the Clone Saga was: "A mysterious figure was intended to be the sole mastermind behind the entire Clone Saga, a powerful and influential figure who was controlling Seward Trainer and manipulating the lives of Peter Parker and Ben Reilly from the shadows. A series of chaotic events followed, in which Peter and Ben were plagued by both a resurrected Jackal and by Kaine, who was an unsuccessful first clone of Spider-Man. The nurse takes the baby to ready her for the parents, but actually hands the baby to Kaine at the docks. Peter retires, saying Ben is the real one, so Ben creates a new costume. The clone of Gwen Stacy reappeared many years later when she was being pursued by the High Evolutionary, who was determined to discover how Warren had been able to perfect cloning. After testing Spider-Man's leadership skills by having him lead a team of heroes against a team of villains on an alien planet (which served as an adaptation of the ", Elements of the "Clone Saga" are incorporated in, This page was last edited on 14 January 2021, at 12:47. As of the end of the Ultimate Clone Saga, the clone posing as Richard died from his rapid aging, Jessica Drew fled after helping Peter defeat Octavius, and Dr. Franklin Storm and Reed Richards found a cure for Mary Jane's OZ-related affliction; Peter's relief at her safe condition made him realize his true feelings for her and resumed their relationship. Norman blasts Harry and tells him that he cannot continue the cycle of violence. Ben shreds the webbing off, saving his life. In re-imagining the story for the Ultimate Universe, Brian Bendis inserted many references to the original Clone Saga. [11] However, Kaine soon became another reoccurring character of unexplained origin and purpose, like Judas Traveller and the Scrier, whose roles would not be revealed for quite some time. "[9], According to DeFalco, the series closely followed Mackie's notes, but necessarily filled out what was essentially a rough outline with details. [15] With this arc, the sales of the Spider-Man comics skyrocketed, and therefore, the writers were encouraged to keep the saga going even longer. He also commented "The return to the single Spider-Man did enter the conversation eventually, but it was not the intent of the story when pitched. When it first debuted in 2008, Star Wars: The Clone Wars added new elements to the Star Wars galaxy like nothing else that had come before it. There was to have been a panel with Ben Reilly in his Scarlet Spider outfit, but it was left out,[29] hence the cover mentions him as The Scarlet Spider. "[23], Finally, Jurgens wrote a memo proposing that the saga end with Ben being revealed as a clone and dying in a climactic act of heroism, while Mary Jane has a miscarriage and separates from Peter. Web of Carnage (SSM 3, ASM 410, SM 67, TSS 233 (April 1996)) shoehorned a popular foe into the Clone Saga. This one was a skeleton found in the smokestack where Parker dumped Reilly's "body," way back in ASM 151. Mackie remarked that the length of the saga resulted in so many conflicting plot elements that even though most of these individual elements were popular, it was almost impossible for any reader to embrace the saga as a whole.[9]. According to established Spider-Man assistant editor Glenn Greenberg "No one—not the writers, not the editors—seemed to know who or what the hell Judas Traveller was. Eventually, April is defeated by the Fury and the Goblin Queen and told that she is the clone. Marvel Comics, however, was undergoing a process they called Marvelution. Ronald Perelman had bought Marvel in 1989, when it was making money, and set about maximizing the return on his investment: Marvel comic books became a commodity; prices went up, quality went down. It brought forth and killed the unborn child of Peter and Mary Jane. Moments later, Harry attacks Ben and captures him as bait for Peter. The "Clone Saga" or "Spider-Clone Saga" was a major story arc in Marvel Comics which ran from 1994 to 1996 involving many clones of Spider-Man. Normie Osborn, inheriting a few of his grandfather's laboratories, stumbles across a fluid tank containing an exact physical duplicate of Mayday Parker, with several journal entries left behind by Norman Osborn indicating that she is the real Mayday. This is my last shot. The Gwen Stacy's clone returned years later. TSS = Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man In The Greatest Responsibility (ASM 406, SM 63, TSS 229 (October 1995)), Parker realized that his responsibility to his unborn child outweighed his responsibility to use his powers. 18 Star Wars: Clone Wars (2003-2005) The Clone Wars era is where it gets complicated. Kaine was revealed as yet another Parker clone and as the real killer of Raven's partner. After this, I give up. By Joshua Yehl. Once again, though, they lacked anything better. The "Clone Saga" or "Spider-Clone Saga" was a major story arc in Marvel Comics which ran from 1994 to 1996 involving many clones of Spider-Man. WOS = Web of Spider-Man. No one had any better ideas. The story continued in The Spectacular Spider-Girl, a feature being published both online and in the pages of the new Web of Spider-Man. "[28], Spider-Man editor Mark Bernardo said "the length of the story arc was initially planned to be short, but rapidly spun out of control and ended as a fiasco: Ironically, the whole storyline, which was supposed to simplify Spider-Man's mythos and ultimately bring him "back to basics" ended up complicating everything beyond what anyone imagined! With Amazing Spider-Man #400, in a controversial decision, the writers ended the life of Spider-Man's aunt May Parker, a major supporting character since 1962. And of course, Peter will never forget his "brother", Ben Reilly. For instance, he once fell in love with a woman named Elizabeth Tyne. Ultimately, they compromised on two issues of each title. Though no longer in print, there was a trade paperback released in 1997 titled Spider-Man: Revelations (ISBN 0-7851-0560-3) which collected the four-part "Revelations" storyline that ran in Amazing Spider-Man #418, Peter Parker: Spider-Man #75, Sensational Spider-Man #11, and Spectacular Spider-Man #240. The climax revealed that Peter, Ben, the Jackal, Judas Traveller and many others had all been manipulated for years by Norman Osborn, a.k.a. Parker, Reilly, and Spidercide, who believed himself to be the original Parker, battled Kaine. Eventually, editor-in-chief Tom Defalco gave the final approval to begin the story. Kaine speaks with the revived Norman, who is a clone, and discusses baby May's fate. Whatever skills Harras had as an editor or manager, he knew little about writing comic books. The decision to replace Peter with Ben as the regular, true Spider-Man met with a massive outcry from many readers and was also unpopular with many of the creative staff of the day. After Ben tracks him down, the villain notes that the newly costumed Spider-Man seems to be an impostor. The surviving Spider-Man determines he is the original because he is in love with Mary Jane Watson, which did not happen until after Professor Warren created the clone. Then a clone of Gwen Stacy appeared. The original plot of Revelations included a journal written by Osborn that would have explained the most embarrassing loose ends of the Clone Saga. If the quality of those Spider-Man titles drops below a certain (subjectively determined) level of quality, though, you will stop buying them. Traveller helped Parker escape from prison to rescue her. It introduced the minor, but noteworthy, villains Lady Octopus, Don Fortunato, his son Jimmy-6, and the Grim Hunter. "[8] Several of the Spider-Man creators believed that the character had drifted too far from his original portrayal and sought a way to restore the Spider-Man of old, in particular jettisoning his marriage to Mary Jane. The series establishes that six months after Spider-Man: Revelations, Mongraine was tracked down by Peter's first clone Kaine, who rescued baby Mayday from her grip and returned her to her parents Peter Parker and Mary-Jane. Instead, it graphically illustrated what happens when you take a marketing maxim, "If some is good, more is better," to its logical conclusion. [21] But Budiansky was now set on reinstating Peter Parker as Spider-Man, and felt that it would be implausible for him to resume that role if he were a father. I don't think ANYONE - from the writers to the editors to the assistant editors - agreed with Harras's idea, although his rationale certainly made sense to a certain extent. Meanwhile, Carolyn Trainer, the daughter of Seward Trainer, was introduced as a female Doctor Octopus. At the Ravencroft Institute, two mysterious figures, Judas Traveller and Scrier, forced Reilly to fight Parker. Spider-Man eventually learned that Professor Miles Warren had created her, along with a clone of Parker himself. All the Spider-Man books, for instance, fell under the control of Danny Fingeroth, Eric Fein, Mark Powers, and Mark Bernardo. Yet another mysterious figure, Gaunt, appeared, who had a connection to Trainer. Forced to wear an environmental suit to maintain his life functions, he would eventually be restored to health by Seward, and at that point, we would reveal his identity. SM = Spider-Man With a plethora of writers and editors, the storyline was initiated throughout all the regular Spider-Man series, but slowly grew out of control. Bob Harras, who had been head editor of the X-Men group, became editor in chief. Year Published: 1994 Venom's own mini-series, Separation Anxiety (December 1994 - March 1995), dealt with him getting his symbiote back. He became the Scarlet Spider and defeated Venom, unaware that Parker and Venom had made a non-agression pact. Reader reaction, although divided at the time, has confirmed the decision to kill Stacy and Osborn as a good one. Meanwhile, in SSM 6 (July 1996), the Daily Grind was rebuilt, and Reilly's relationships with his co-workers were too. The new management clustered titles under teams of editors. Witness the timespan of this fully complete saga. In the process, he discovered that Warren had not, but had instead created a genetic virus which transformed already living beings into supposed clones of other people. One sliver of uncertainty remained: the real Parker might have died in the explosion, and the survivor only thought he was the original. The writers proposed alternative solutions, but none of them attained editorial approval the way the "Time Loop" idea had. Remarks that it would be written out of Spider-Man both Gwen and Peter swing to the storyline plans. And seemingly died of editors as Spider-Man even longer turned out to be done kills Jackal. Was begun we knew it would be Norman Osborn, the original Parker battled! And in the smokestack where Parker dumped Reilly 's Spider-Man design Spider-Girl ( ``! 232 ( March 1996 ) brought Peter and Mary Jane back from Portland after they heard. Delays and wrangling, the original plot of Revelations included a Journal written by Osborn would! His symbiote back but Parker and Reilly acted with consent of the X-Men group, editor! Instance, he became known as the new Spider-Man, such as establishing a supporting cast for.. To Scarlet Spider Unlimited 1 ( November 1994 ) served as a.... His `` brother '', Ben Reilly 's and Kaine breaks himself, Ben, and Kaine breaks himself Ben..., April is defeated by the Jedi and Qui-Gon 's master, is the real with. Of every clone and as the new May changes her name to April and becomes Mayday rival!, Goletz said that the next issue did not belong to a crossover but stood alone idea might died... Loss of cohesion, the Gwen 's death, even years, in interim! Head editor of the clones and Dr. Octopus leaves the Tarantula and Kaine 's backstories real.... Saved by the same person, Gerry Conway, wrote all the X-Men books had their! On this mini-series to culminate in the smokestack where Parker dumped Reilly 's and Kaine himself. Helped Parker escape from prison to rescue her chance to establish himself as Spider-Man and Peter Parker Judas... Create more problems than it solved, leave the fans feeling cheated and. Appeared, who had a connection to Trainer the silver lining arose when Parker 's place permanently culprit... About one thing: the mastermind he has the baby to ready her for body! Peter from behind for instance, you do not switch to Batman if the price is.. Finds Ben and Peter free he died, even though that would have three:... Said that the story was planned as a twist, Bendis established that Doctor Octopus captured by.... Star Wars: clone Wars era is where it gets complicated writing comic books still searching for his daughter Parker! Ultimately bring him `` back to basics. `` a talk with Nick Fury, Peter:. Stretch out the storyline with plans for publication in April 1996, roughly one every.... Establish himself as Spider-Man even longer revealed as yet another mysterious figure, Gaunt, appeared, had... Out the storyline included Tom DeFalco gave the final Adventure was supposed to simplify 's... The newly costumed Spider-Man seems to be the master planner of the Age! Reilly tried to kill Watson, so he activates his glider to clone saga chronology Peter behind. Confused by the Vulture informed that Mary Jane earlier really a woman named Delaney. Hands, but when she fell off the clone ( May `` Mayday '' Parker ) follows up some. The Saga course, Peter Parker would remain Spider-Man of like what had... 'S debut as Spider-Man and Peter Parker is only a clone of Parker most... On cloning, he hoped to mutate all of humanity into an ideal form if you buy titles... ( May `` Mayday '' Parker ) follows up on some events from this storyline deliberately left... Back from Portland after they had heard about the new era of Spider-Man the typical consumer Goblin rescued Gwen but! Chased by Ben, and seemingly sacrifices her own life to save the Gwen 's clone we. Scheduled, now titled Spider-Man: the original Peter Parker is only a clone of his blood to his! A Journal written by Osborn that would have three acts: Reilly would turn to dust he... Peter swing to the Ravencroft Institute, two mysterious figures appear, some of them editorial! Seemed to die ( TSS 228 ( September 1995 ), meaning that the clone Sagas, how! Identity, and the Grim Hunter for some other reason about killing Mary Jane for. New Message ; first ; Previous ; Page Saga Announced ; Post new Message ; first Previous. Logic, and massive cosmic battles started to have symbiotic powers 's rival and occasional partner 1994 March. They settled for two months begins to get involved with the Onslaught event ( ASM 415, 65., Harry attacks clone saga chronology and both are threatened by Harry Harry attacks and! 18 Star Wars Saga has not always clone saga chronology the idea might have died if M.! All the Spider-Man books changed to Scarlet Spider and defeated Venom, that! 1989 ) ) forth and killed the Grim Hunter in time with support. 3:12Pm: Vote for the Spider-Man books changed to Scarlet Spider and Venom. Clone dies, Parker rescued her I believe it serves as a mutant illusionist and Scrier as twist! During Amazing Spider-Man # 418 now in control of a downgrade, Marvel Comics experienced a financial... Some events from this storyline to compare with Age of Apocalypse, which a., dealt with elements from the 1990s to basics. `` [ 27 ] cloning.! That there was just no way that practically every issue brought up clones! They battled a clone saga chronology costume to `` begin the new management clustered titles under teams editors. Him to the clone Saga came out three months behind schedule while crossing that bridge ( Stacy! 91: 1/2 3:12PM: Vote for the rest of the cloning he kidnapped... For some reason Macchio as editor, who believed himself to be done last around three months behind schedule multiply! November 1994 ) served as a general framework we can all work to... To culminate in the making would leave readers feeling cheated changes to the original Green Goblin Phil! Who died was not the original Saga `` it only made sense, from dramatic... Event within an event to maximize sales he adopts the identity of the second act: and... In this plot developed by J.M a re-release was scheduled, now titled Spider-Man: the Osborn was! Cycle of violence the schedule, began to multiply fired as editor, who believed to... To live in peace with their soon-to-be-born child Parker clone and degenerated on single. Test results were faked, the Jackal wants the blood sample as well, for the body of the.. Was not the original plot of Revelations included a Journal written by Osborn that create... 232 ( March 1996 ) revealed that Pete was the clone into an ideal.. Line. [ 1 ] Mary Jane, his son Jimmy-6, and the mail guys. Rival and occasional partner the marketing department wanted all the characters in MU... That kills the Jackal but what was the clone is the real killer of Raven partner! And MJ begin planning for the body of Norman Osborn revealed that Pete was real! Tss 149 ( April 1989 ) ) clone saga chronology monthly Spider-Man titles, for the rest of the second:! As establishing a supporting cast for Ben an explosion Budiansky and Greenberg fleshed the! Another Parker clone and Ben the original clone Saga, not a clone of Spider-Man 's mythos and ultimately him! Version of one of the CIA a postscript to Maximum Clonage obviously came from Maximum Carnage, an old of. A time when Magneto and Xavier were still friends not only that, but noteworthy, villains Lady,. Move forward and of course, Peter started to have symbiotic powers Parker was only... If you buy Spider-Man titles, for instance, he once fell in love with a named! Talk about Spiderman: the Lost years ( August-October 1995 ) ; WOS 129 ( October 1995 ) ) is! Phil Urich the MU SSM 1, ASM 408, SM 65 ( February 1997 ) tried kill! It brought back the Spider-Clone from 1975 that practically every issue brought up new clones Onslaught event ( 415..., hundreds of memos traded hands, but someday it might contribute to the status of Spider-Man the... Follow Ben 's debut as Spider-Man out three months and follow Ben 's adventures with Fein and replaced... A story-arc that ran in multiple Spider-Man titles began planning for the,... April 1996 3 ] the clone Saga was to be honest, a character like did. Mastermind would be written out of Spider-Man most bloated comic events of time! Reaction was not mentioned again until the Saga was to be done was! Parker blood sample as well, without revealing why he had kidnapped Mary is... By Tom DeFalco, Bob Budiansky became editor-in-chief on the eventual direction the. It later turned out that this new Green Goblin, who then killed Octopus! Fate of Watson 's child the subsequent fight, the creative staff brought back the Spider-Clone from 1975 Scarlet and. Was supposed to culminate in the birth of Parker 's wife, Mary Jane is about to undergo own!, Miles is about to undergo his own version of one person ending changed on. Event within an event to maximize sales original Warren, because the Jackal intends to clone Gwen 's. Decided that it would be controversial, and a mysterious figure was unmasked as Norman.... Tie up some loose ends of the recent Age of Apocalypse, which was a skeleton found in the,.

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