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From months of daily drizzle to heavy downpour in the mountains, we’re acutely aware of the benefits of a quality waterproof and breathable shell. You also tend to see faster line speeds and longer lengths and people just don’t need those shorter and slower rods. NEW! $102.50. Cabela's: Shop Cabela's and get free 2-day shipping on most orders over $50! The most important thing is that the handle feels comfortable in your hand: after all, you are going to be gripping it for hours at a time. Echo rods are designed by fly fishing legend Tim Rajeff (as a side note, his casting videos are worth watching and available for free on the Echo website). Looking for a 2wt for small streams? Below we break down the best fly rods of 2019, from high-end specialty models to all-rounders and leading budget options. Moosejaw: Need your Arc'teryx, Patagonia, and The North Face gear fast? The company is known for making good rods at value prices, and the Echo3, their flagship model, fits right in line. One false cast from the Echo can get line out as far as three or four with the Clearwater. Product Reviews. This is why we love the G. Loomis NRX Nymph, which is designed specifically with sub-surface fishing in mind. $289.99 . And although not as visually exciting, the reality is that anglers catch more and bigger fish while nymphing. ECHO . If you’re in the market for a new fly rod, there’s never been a better time. Like pro golfers or tennis players (carbon fiber sports), it becomes a personal ‘feel” and comfort thing. HELP. The approximatley $89.99 Echo Base is a little heavier and doesn’t have the same sweet casting feel as the Carbon XL . Axiom II-X Fly Rods ; Axiom II Fly Rods; Benefit Fly Rods - You Buy We … We’ve been anxiously waiting for the Carbon XL Euro rods to arrive, and they finally have! Does anyone have experience with both? Hiking boots are critical to your comfort and performance on the trail, but this no longer means a stiff and burly model that will weigh you down. Shop all the best new fly rods for 2020 from Sage, Scott, Winston, G Loomis, Orvis, Redington, Echo and TFO. Reviews . In 2019, a 4-piece rod is a fine choice. Echo Ion XL Fly Rods enables you to cast large flies into a stiff breeze. Price: $170. Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod. Learn more. Select options. Sign Up to Our Email List. What we don't: A little too stiff for our taste. On Pyramid Lake in Nevada, we’ve gone out to the top of our waders while hauling a step ladder, which you then climb on to get a little more casting distance to reach those huge Lahontan cutthroats. Putting a big heavy reel on a light presentation rod can make it feel out of balance and more difficult to cast. The Echo Fly Rods come in a great range of price points including, Echo 3, Carbon XL, Ion XL and Gecko for kids fly rods Sort: Display: Displaying 1 - 12 of 28 results: Echo Carbon XL Fly Rods. The Echo Carbon was the oldest rod in our test, and it showed. We think of a Tenkara as a fad, and an interesting one at that. Echo Carbon XL lightweight guides and handy alignment dots. $569.00 . In late May, I had the opportunity to put the Echo Dry to the ultimate test. Read more about us. First, because of the rod’s responsiveness, it can take time for newer anglers to get the timing down and capture its full power (technique matters more than with a rod like the Sage X above). We think of the Sage Igniter as a specialty rod for those with a serious quiver: it’s built for when the weather and wind aren’t cooperating, but you still want to get out on the water. Of course you do. The Action vs. Power matrix is used for comparison between ECHO rod models. The deep root beer color glows in the bright sunlight adding an attractive richness to the rod. Choose Options. $189.99 . And even though the Nimbus is billed as a fast action rod, we put it squarely in the medium category—it feels especially underpowered when fishing heavier flies. Tight: Super light; The easiest casting rod in the test; A bargain at just over $400. So if you are the type of angler that loves hiking up remote tributaries with little need for long casts, you’ll likely enjoy a nimble 7 or 8 footer. Replacing Sage’s popular Method is the new Igniter model, which is ever-so-slightly more approachable thanks to its updated KonneticHD construction. “Getting outside changes how you see the world, changes how you appreciate pretty much everything.”. Vintage Fenwick Ferralite FF108. Action: FastWeights: 2 to 10What we like: Mostly the price, and St. Croix is a serious brand.What we don’t: Cheap components and finishes; feels a bit clunky. You could feel a rod start to bend and load, hit a ferrule, and lose power. 888-235-9763 888-235-9763; Live Chat Live Chat available every day, 6 AM - 12 AM (midnight) ET ; Find a Store. It’s as if your arm, hand, rod, fly line, and fly are all connected, working together in complete and total harmony. NEW! Frankly, it’s one of St. Croix’s lower-end rods and it shows. That’s high praise for sure, but it also comes with a dose of reality. However, Orvis just completely redeveloped the Clearwater lineup for 2019. This gives a nice leverage point for your thumb when you want to add power to your cast. Others prefer a downlocking reel seat where the fastening mechanism screws down the rod towards the fighting butt. They may be unbeatable in terms of nostalgia, but glass rods are across the board thicker, heavier, and slower. And if you plan on casting streamers with a big heavy rod, then a heavier reel is the right choice. We recently tested a 4-weight, 9-foot Echo3 on a variety of water around Central Oregon. It turns out there is a good reason why. As we mentioned above, ferrules mean less now than ever before in terms of performance. We still give the edge to the PURE, but the Nimbus is a very similar and faster rod for a couple hundred bucks less.See the R.L. 0 bids. Watch. Most importantly, you should use a reel that matches your chosen fly rod and line. The Orvis Clearwater rods are designed in Vermont and built in the orient. The 9-foot 5-weight is versatile for most trout fishing. Highly recommended. The cork is decent, and we really like the shiny modern look of the carbon fiber insert for the reel seat — especially in the sun. In short, for us on the Owyhee using a 5-weight Orvis Clearwater fly line, the Carbon XL could handle tiny dries yet also throw big hoppers with nymph droppers. Echo Carbon XL Fly Rods (2 reviews) Price: $159.00. If you’re looking for a single rod that performs well in most situations, the Radian is a unique premium option. Everyone is different. $229.00 . A great new die-cast reel design with a stealthy matte-gray powder-coat finish, the Clearwater Large Arbor is still the best performance-to-value reel in the industry. Weight rating is one of the single most important factors in choosing a fly rod. $198.00 ECHO Echo Carbon XL. With fast action, the rod is powerful but not in the same league as the X above. 3 bids. The Orvis Recon gave us another solid performance. You can even buy aftermarket cases with attached compartments for reels, which ensures your reel is protected and is always with your rod—no more digging through the gear bin to find it. Weight: 3.7 oz. Action: Fast Weights: 3 to 8What we like: A great value for a capable all-around rod. If you’re on the fence, some of the bigger and faster rods can go either way. This creates challenges when making long casts. Most importantly, the rod delivers incredible power and casting distance with virtually no wobble or side-to-side movement. Leaning Orvis since I have a local shop with cool peeps working it. So who is this rod right for? Rather than bash the rod, let’s just say that fiberglass simply cannot compete with modern graphite. Echo Carbon XL Euro Nymph Rod. We have noticed that some of the longer fabric tubes have a tendency to permanently curve over time. The medium-fast action is just about dead center on the spectrum of modern fly rods, making it a good all-around option compared to faster or slower action models. Whether you’re headed to the beach, tailgating before your favorite sporting event, or camping in the wild, keeping your food and drinks cold is absolutely key. Finally, some of the components may be resistant to corrosion caused by salt. View cart for details. In this case, we prefer a small, slower action rod that can gently lay dry flies on the water, probably a 3 or 4 weight. For around $300 with an Orvis reel and line, that’s one heckuva deal. Thanks for the nostalgia. Rod makers like Sage, Scott, and R.L. You really need to go rod-by-rod in terms of what type of fishing it does best. The 9-foot 5-weight Carbon XL is a versatile fly rod. Echo Carbon XL Euro Nymph Rod. All in all, the components and finishes are not as nice as those mid-range models, but are significantly better than most similarly priced rods. This rod could effectively fish small streams, although it would be on the powerful end of the spectrum for that. Well, reels also come in “weights” that help match it to the rod and line. Winston PURE. NEW! Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod Outfit; Echo Ion XL Fly Rod; Orvis Helios 3D Fly Rod; Considerations When Choosing an 8 Weight Fly Rod Action. This rod is designed to cut weight while retaining power—it has enough backbone to send weighted flies a healthy distance while still maintaining a relatively soft touch. The Clearwater 8-Weight 9' 6-Piece Fly Rod joins the Orvis 908 arsenal as the most popular big game rod model for species from big freshwater bass to bonefish, stripers, and false albacore. Everything around the cave from BBQ, hunting, fishing and organizing so you can watch less and do more. Winston Rod Co AIR 9' 5WT. Lake fishermen are typically fishing from float tubes, small pontoons, or boats. New convenient 6-piece easily breaks down into two equal... $324.95. The Aetos sports a deep blue color with carbon flake accents that gives the rod a really classy look. Echo Carbon XL 5wt, Orvis Clearwater 5/6 Reel, WF5F - $110; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. I have a 3wt and a 5wt and I'm probably going to add a ten foot 7wt, I like them that much. Utilizing this chart, you’ll be able to choose an ECHO rod that best fits you and your personal casting stroke. Action: Medium-FastWeights: 3 to 8What we like: Specialized and accurate.What we don’t: Pricey. . After he picked up the Echo Carbon XL, paired with an Echo Ion Fly Reel and an Orvis Clearwater weight forward fly line, I had a hard time getting it out of his hands. Orvis labels the Clearwater as a mid-flex rod, which places this squarely in the category of a moderate action fly rod. Both of them will be at the highest end (price-wise) of Echo's offerings in the $350-$525 zone. But for the experienced caster, it is a brilliant blend of power and finesse. Echo Carbon . But it requires the right circumstances: a special Tenkara rod, a small stream with small fish, and an experienced angler who knows how to pull it all off. Not only will the smell be unpleasant, the moisture can damage your rod coating. Best New Fly Rods for 2020. We know a couple of old-school fly fishers that say nothing beats fiberglass for soft dry fly presentations. The vast majority of fish feeding occurs below the surface. At 9’ in length the Carbon XL feels like any other 9’ rod in the hand. Echo Carbon XL Euro Nymph Rod Review; Echo Carbon XL Euro Nymph Rod Review. Echo CARBON XL $199.99 ECHO Carbon XL - Euro Nymph $274.99 Echo DRY Fly Rod was $299.99 Now $249.99 Echo EPR $589.99 Echo GECKO Fly Rod $129.99 Echo Gecko/Solo Reel Kit 7'9" 4/5 wt $224.99 Echo ION XL Fly Rod Starting at $224.99 Echo Micro Practice Rod (MPR) $54.99 ECHO Micro Practice Rod - Double Haul Extension $29.99 Echo Prime Fly Rod $679.99 Echo RIVER GLASS $349.99 Echo … They seem real similar and priced the same, pros/cons? Orvis Clearwater Series Fly Fishing Rod. But the things that matter are there, including a modern build designed to reduce wobble and side-to-side movement when casting. Words + Photos by: Josh Thelin I recently got my hands on a couple of the new fly rods that Echo will be releasing mid November. Action: Slow-medium (note than TFO refers to this as medium action)Weights: 3/4, 4/5What we like: The performance of graphite with a classic fiberglass feel.What we don't: Available in limited line weights and lengths. Winston’s PURE is drop-dead gorgeous. I am by no means an expert or even advanced fly caster. I ordered one for myself as soon as they became available to order. Price: $179.99. to replace an Orvis 9' 6Wt that I snapped the tip on. Loomis’ NRX technology makes the graphite thinner and lighter without sacrificing much in the way of strength, giving this rod a premium, lightweight feel. Posted by 2 days ago. All things considered, the rod fishes just fine—it’s versatile enough to get the job done for most anglers and rivers. In fact, some of our staff think the Clearwater rods are some of the best casting rods in the shop. You simply pay a reasonable shipping and processing fee, and be sure to register your rod with the manufacturer upon purchase. Winston Rod Co AIR 9' 4WT. Echo carbon XL 9 foot 5wt fly rod. • 20 Stocking Stuffers for Hunters As far as fly rod reviews go, most everyone has a slightly different opinion, but between my best fly fishing buddy and myself, we came to a consensus: The Echo Carbon XL is a sweet rod. This versatile all-rounder can work well for a variety of anglers and water types. • 45 Best Gift Ideas for Fly Fishing Fanatics. Historically, anglers have faced a choice between fast, powerful rods that can send big flies long distances, and slower, more delicate rods that can gently lay them down on the water. The Clearwater 8-Weight 9' 6-Piece Fly Rod joins the Orvis 908 arsenal as the most popular big game rod model for species from big freshwater bass to bonefish, stripers, and false albacore. Watch. It’s worth noting that a lot of competing value rods give themselves away by using cheap, plasticky components, or worse, weirdly heavy components that give the rod a clunky feel. Sage ESN Fly Rod. And it’s a great choice when you really need serious distance. What we don’t: Can’t quite compete with Sage or R.L. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we know a thing or two about rain. $229.00 . • 25 Best Gifts for Bowhunters Winston at what they do best. Mainly using it for dropper hopper, damsel, bobber with chironomids, pine squirrel leech and wolly buggers and probably for yellow fin tuna as well. Fly rods can be polarizing: many are priced super high or at the budget end of the spectrum, but not a ton of people are shopping in the middle. R.L. Guided Fly … To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. And this is nitpicky, but the look and finish don’t quite match other high-end rods. We are amazed at how modern rods can fire off long distance casts yet still achieve nice presentations. There is one wrinkle that prevents us from being more precise here. For small spring creeks and tributaries with wary fish, get a slower action rod that can gently lay flies down on the water (our favorite is the R.L. Why is the Imperial ranked here? Name * Email * This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. High-end rods use premium cork and construction while entry-level rods often skimp in this area (and others). Graphite has largely stolen the show: it's lighter, dampens better, and has a higher tensile strength. ECHO CARBON-XL NYMPH FLY ROD. Winston PURE above. The rod is available in the most popular line weights, offers a fun and new way to cover water, and has an approachable $350 price tag. That allows the reel maker to produce a narrower line of products and retailers to carry less inventory. The Orvis Clearwater Waders replace the Encounter waders but still retain the title of best value on the market. For bigger rivers, get a faster rod that can send flies further and punch through wind. Discussion. More expensive rods will usually weigh less (but that expense and weight savings don’t necessarily connect you to more fish). One of the first things you’ll notice on the Helios 3F is the large white logo above the handle, which is somewhat un-Orvis-like in presentation. All in all, the components and finishes are not as nice as those mid-range models, but are significantly better than most similarly priced rods. I've cast the Orvis Recon and it's a sweet stick, but not $300 sweeter than the Clearwater and it also carries the Orvis 25yr warranty. Shop Clearwater Spey rods on Orvis.com. For a great example of a powerful fast-action rod, see the Sage X. 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